giovedì 4 dicembre 2014

Flowers :)

Good morning! I'm working on the dollhouse living room floor at the moment. I will show you some pictures soon! The work is going slowly, but I have to say I'm pretty happy of the results :) I'm following Lea's directions from her wonderful book "Maison Miniature". 

Anyway I decided to show you my latest flowers today ^_^ 

What do you think? Want to see the first bunch I made some time ago????

You can find my flowers for sale in my etsy shop or you can contact me if you want a custom order :)
See you soon !!!

martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Dear friends...

Dear friends! As you can see my blog is now empty. I decided to have a new start!
The blog will be written in english but I also speak italian, russian, polish, a little bit of german and a very little bit of chinese, so feel free to comment in the language you prefer... and if we don't understand each other, we will use google translate ^_^
Also the tutorials will be written in italian and english, but I could write in any other language I know, if you make a request.
Please know that english is not my native language, so forgive any grammar mistakes ;)

Why did I decide to start from 0??? First of all because I was away from this blog for a very long time, so I actually lost the train of thought I was following. Second, because my dollhouse too is having a brand new start. This means that at the moment it lies in a stack. I disassembled all the pieces as the structure was not strong enough and I'm making a new basement. As some of you might remember, my dollhouse is a Delprado kit I bought already assembled from a very nice woman called Sandra, which did a very great job. But the fact is that the nature of the Delprado dollhouse itself  (sold in pieces to be assembled) is not of the best of quality. The plan now is to give the house a strong basement. Doing so all the structure will be a lot stronger and it will be possible to move the house without the fear of breaking it every time. Also I will be following the advices from the beautiful book "Maison Miniature" by Lea Frisoni, which I own in french (and I don't speak french, but it doesn't matter ;)

I hope you will keep on following me!
I will post very soon a few tutorials, so stay tuned!!!
Have a very beautiful day you all!