domenica 25 gennaio 2015

A new garden fairy

This week I've been pretty busy for a lot of things and didn'thave much time to dedicate to miniatures. However I managed to finish a little ooak fairy I had on hold for a very long time. Here she is! She's completely different from the original project I had in mind for her, but you know, dolls decide for themselves who they want to be :)

giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

sabato 10 gennaio 2015

venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

Toy dolls for the dollhouse nursery

Today my dishwasher decided that it's time to go on retirement and broke -_- so I had so many dishes to wash ... BUT I made some miniatures later ^_^
I made 3 little dolls for the dollhouse nursery: Lisetta, Bernadette and Loretta (which is not in the pictures because she's still drying her hair ;)

Meet Lisetta the little dancer

She's so small :)

Here's Bernadette

I'll show you Loretta tomorrow :)
Have a nice evening!... I'll have to wash the dishes ;)

giovedì 8 gennaio 2015

Stethoscope quick tutorial

Hi everyone ^_^ Here's the quick explanation/awful drawing of how I made the stethoscope for those who asked :)
The red(dish) arrows indicate where the glue goes. The body is made of black electric wire (filo elettrico), two short pieces of iron wire (filo di ferro) and two black beads (perline nere) are used to make the upper part, while one earring back (chiusura orecchini) is used to complete the lower part. 
Enjoy ^_^

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

The doctor's bag

So here's my version of the doctor's bag :) 
You can find the link for the tutorial in the previous post. 
What do you think?

The bag with all the accessories

the empty bag

handmade syringes


The thermometer :) I love it ^_^

All the accesories included in the bag

If you need a tutorial of any of the objects please write me, I'll be happy to give you instructions!

Have a nice day!

martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Projects, ideas, wip and ... free wallpapers

I'm very excited today! I started some new projects and I have a lot of ideas :))) 

One of these ideas is a serie of miniature tutorials made by me. I plan to make one per month, starting with the skiis tutorial this month. 
I have almost finished it so it should be online by the end of the week I guess.

I am also working on a doctor's bag inspired by this tutorial... mine is not so beautiful though ;) I will show it to you tomorrow ^_^

Click here to see the tutorial

One of my golas this year is to finish the dollhouse structure by the end of march. I really hope to succed ^_^

For now I leave you with three wallpapers I made some time ago for my dollhouse (they were in my old blog, so I decided to post them again). I hope you like them too :)

Click on the pictures to see them bigger

Have a beautiful day!

sabato 3 gennaio 2015

Christmas swap by Le minis di Cockerina

Hi friends! This is my award for taking part to the annual Christmas Swap by Le minis di Cockerina :)

It's already the second year I take part to this heartwarming swap :) I simply love it!
This is the beautiful present I received from Rosamaria :) I would like to have a place to put these beautiful minis in my dollhouse, but as it's still under construction they will have to wait :/

This, instead, is the present I made for Caterina. She has a mountain/Tirol style dollhouse, so I thought that her dollhouse family would need a pair of skiis ^_^ 

Ooops.... this little house too :)

Take a look at the whole post at Caterina's blog, to see all the pictures of this beautiful swap!


I also want to show you this beautiful picture we took yesterday in Merano (BZ - Italy) 
This is me (brunette ^_^) and Natalia (the blonde ^_^), a good friend of mine and very talented artist! I like the vintage look of this picture <3 

Thank you Nat for the great day! 

Happy New Year again friends!

venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Dear Friends, I wish to you all a very Hapy New 2015 Year!
May all your dreams come true <3