giovedì 25 giugno 2015

Oh... flowers

Good morning everyone! Just some flowers I made this and last week :)
Have a nice day!

Buongiorno a tutti! Ecco alcuni fiori che ho realizzato questa settimana e la scorsa :)
Buona giornata!

lunedì 15 giugno 2015

Work in progress... building the house

Finally! My daddy had some time to help me building the structure of the dollhouse ^_^
It's been a lot of fun with him (he's used to work with bigk pieces. We were so tired at the end, but we managed to cut all the pieces right :) Also my book is in french, which is one of the many languages I don't speak ;) 
I love this project, I hope it will turn out well.

Yep, that's me :p

CAN YOU SEE MY BELLY GROWING???? No, I didn't overeat! He or she is coming in September <3 Can't wait to know who's there.

Keep tuned!!!