lunedì 30 marzo 2015

Something different... Dark Alice

Dark Alice 

Today I show you something different, but handmade of course! This is Dark Alice, my handmade porcelain bjd. She measures 32 cm. I finished her dress yesterday and took the pictures today. Not 1:12, but I think some of you may like her :)

my favourite picture of her ^_^

lunedì 23 marzo 2015

New creations... yes, flowers again!

This week I've been very busy! I started my job as babysitter (in russian) and my son got injured jumping on the bed (yes, like the 10 little monkies!) He's not seriously injured, but it's another task for me though!)
Anyway I had time to finish some commissions and to create some other bunches of flowers for my etsy shop. Here are two of them, the third is very big and still have to finish it ^_^

Here are my beloved peonies...

... And some colourful roses...

... both available on my etsy shop. 
Have a lovely week everyone!

^_^ Take care!

mercoledì 11 marzo 2015


 I like drinking coffee in the morning and expecially I like drinking it in company. My favourite company is my fiend, artist and neighbour Zsuzsanna (La Veranda - decor). Yesterday she invited me for a coffee and she had a beautiful bunch of Ranunculus flowers on the kitchen table! Those beautiful flowers got me really inspired. Here is my miniature version of those little treasures. Thanx Zsuzsanna for the inspiration ^_^

martedì 10 marzo 2015

It's spring! Romantic peonies

It's spring finally! We waited for it so long :) We were so tired of the cold weather, but now it's much warmer and we feel a lot of energy ^_^
This year I missed the annual meeting at Miniaturitalia, because of health problems (not serious, don't worry :) just a little of morning sickness... ooops ;) 

Here is a little creation to celebrate this new weather that brings so much joy to the soul.
Hope you enjoy these peonies as much as I enjoyed making them. They're available in mky etsy shop if you're interested in buying them. 

See you soon!


domenica 8 marzo 2015