martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Projects, ideas, wip and ... free wallpapers

I'm very excited today! I started some new projects and I have a lot of ideas :))) 

One of these ideas is a serie of miniature tutorials made by me. I plan to make one per month, starting with the skiis tutorial this month. 
I have almost finished it so it should be online by the end of the week I guess.

I am also working on a doctor's bag inspired by this tutorial... mine is not so beautiful though ;) I will show it to you tomorrow ^_^

Click here to see the tutorial

One of my golas this year is to finish the dollhouse structure by the end of march. I really hope to succed ^_^

For now I leave you with three wallpapers I made some time ago for my dollhouse (they were in my old blog, so I decided to post them again). I hope you like them too :)

Click on the pictures to see them bigger

Have a beautiful day!

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